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  • Metro - CFR Studios
  • Metro - CFR Studios
  • Metro - CFR Studios
  • Metro - CFR Studios
  • Metro - CFR Studios
  • Metro - CFR Studios

Metro - CFR Studios

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Manufacturer : CFR Studios

Sculptor: Roméo Tran

Material: Resin and metal

Appearance: Polychrome

Height : 29 cm

Scale : 1:6

Release date : December 2022

Limited Edition : 400 

Certificate of authenticity : Yes

Original price : €389.00

Provenance : From the animated series « Il était une fois l’espace ». by Procidis Studios

Featured : It is made up of 17 separate elements, including 8 magnetic pieces + An Art Print by Jean Barbaud

 + cac3d Animation

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Description of Metro - CFR Studios

Presentation by the publisher :

Métro is a “positronic brain android”, as described by Professor Maestro, its creator.

Built in his image, it displays all the features of the famous scientist, main character of the « Il était une fois l’espace ». series.

This robot with its particular shapes is simply as intelligent as its creator, which does not fail to annoy the latter!

Throughout the series, he accompanies Pierrot and PSI in their adventures and explorations, and does not fail to save them on many occasions.

On his own, he is a combination of gadgets, each more high-tech than the other: he can fly thanks to the spinning of his wings, fire missiles, transform into a ball, etc... the perfect robot that we all have dreamed of when I was little!

Product Description :

Regarding its composition, the large front wing and the 4 small magnetic wings allow you to assemble the character yourself.

In addition to the pleasure of mounting it, it is therefore possible not to put the front wing on and thus reveal the engine... visual greatly inspired by the scene where the powerful GOLDENBAR tears off Métro's front wing, which does not lack put the latter in all its states!

Likewise, thanks to a system of magnets hidden in the body, it is possible to expose the character with or without the arms. There are therefore no less than 4 possible presentation visuals:

- With the front wing and with the arms.

- With the front wing and without the arms.

- Without the front wing and with the arms.

- Without the front wing and without the arms.

Delivered in its collector's box with protective cardboard, each statuette is also accompanied by the following elements:

- Numbered certificate of authenticity, in the colors of the box.

- Art Print: We have the immense pleasure of also attaching a magnificent Art Print created by Jean BARBAUD, the famous original designer of the series! Created exclusively for CFR Studios, this superb illustration clearly depicts its designer's vision of the character.

- Character identity sheet.

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