Angry Hulk Figure - Marvel Figure - Attakus
  • Angry Hulk Figure - Marvel Figure - Attakus

Angry Hulk - Attakus

Ref: C412

Company: Attakus

Sculptor: Atelier Bombyx

Material: Resin

Appearance: Polychrome

Height: 18 cm

Year: 2000

Edition: 999 

Certificate of authenticity: yes

Original price: €77.00

Provenance: From the series “The Incredible Hulk” at Marvel Comics


History of the Hulk

Hulk is a scientist named Bruce Banner who is exposed to a massive dose of gamma rays during a laboratory accident. Since then, he transforms into the Hulk when angry or stressed, becoming an incredibly strong and resilient being.

Manufacturer Attakus

Attakus is the publisher and distributor of statuettes sculpted by the Bombyx workshop. They have always set a very specific course of action: to create quality sculptures. This attachment to the love of a job well done and the high standards in the creation of the pieces do not only concern the 3 founders of the Bombyx workshop, but also their entire team. Marked by the traditional and technical teaching of the Boulle school, Bombyx's work is focused on the precision of volume. This is how they created more than 550 original sculptures ranging in size from 3 cm to 5 meters high.

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