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Figurine Obélix, the meeting - Fariboles Productions
  • Figurine Obélix, the meeting - Fariboles Productions

Obélix, the meeting - Fariboles Productions

Ref: REN

Company: Fariboles Productions

Sculptor: Pascal Rodier

Material: Resin

Appearance: Polychrome

Height: 21 cm

Year: June 2015

Edition: 350 

Certificate of authenticity: yes

Original price: €360.00

Provenance: Taken from the comic strip Asterix the Gaul after Uderzo and Goscinny


Story of Asterix

Asterix, formerly Asterix the Gaul, is a French comic book series created on October 29, 1959 by the French screenwriter René Goscinny and the French cartoonist Albert Uderzo in issue no. 1 of the French newspaper Pilote. After the death of René Goscinny in 1977, Albert Uderzo continued the series alone, then handed over in 2013 to the duo formed by Jean-Yves Ferri (screenplay) and Didier Conrad (drawing). In 2023, the series retains Didier Conrad as designer but it is Fabcaro who is now in charge of the script. The series has 40 volumes as of October 2023.

Manufacturer Fariboles Productions

Since 1993, Pascal Rodier has worked to give volume to the paper heroes of Franco-Belgian comics in his workshop in the Rouen suburb of Darnétal.

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