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Mandalorian Armorer PGM - Gentle Giant Ltd
  • Mandalorian Armorer PGM - Gentle Giant Ltd

Mandalorian Armorer - Gentle Giant Ltd

Ref : 84200

Manufacturer : Gentle Giant Ltd

Sculptor : Gentle Giant Studios

Material : Resin

Aspect : Polychrome

Height : 15.8 cm

Date release : March 2022

Limited Edition: 600 

Certificate of authenticity : yes

Original price : $120.00 = €105.00

Provenance : From the Star Wars TV seriesThe Mandalorian

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Story of Mandalorian Armorer 

The position of Mandalorian Armorer was filled by a Mandalorian responsible for forging beskar metal armor and equipment.

The Mandalorian method of forging beskar was a closely guarded secret, a skill passed down through generations to keep ancient armor intact and impervious.

She kept the tradition of the Mandalorian people alive by forging beskar in a cryo-furnace.

However, she also reminded the tribe to never remove their helmets in the presence of another, stating that this was the Way of the Mandalore.

During the Clash on Nevarro, after reminding him of Mandalorian Creed, she tasked Din Djarin with bringing Grogu to the Jedi Order.

Manufacturer Gentle Giant Ltd

The design of this character is a pure delight, the typical spaghetti western gunslinger with the addition of excellent color design, the blood red eyes contrasting perfectly with the blue skin.

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