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Fiat 509 coupé royal 1925 - Figures & Vous
  • Fiat 509 coupé royal 1925 - Figures & Vous

Fiat 509 coupé royal 1925 - Figures & Vous

Ref: GF06

Company: Figures & Vous


Vehicle: Chris C

Character(s): Bruno Vaerman

Material: Resin and metal

Appearance: Polychrome

Length: 30cm

Year: June 2015

Edition: 266 copies

Certificate of authenticity: yes

Original price: €769.00

Provenance: Taken from the Gaston Lagaffe comic strip “Le cas Lagaffe” by Franquin

Special feature: Also available in a monochrome version


Story of Gaston Lagaffe

Gaston Lagaffe is a comic strip character created in 1957 by the Belgian cartoonist André Franquin .

He is the protagonist of the Gaston series, which appeared in the comics magazine Le Journal de Spirou the same year3 and published in albums from 1960.

Gaston is the anti-hero par excellence, and the undisputed king of blunders.

Manufacturer Figures & Vous

Figures & Vous is a company specializing in the creation, sculpture and distribution of figurines in limited series from the world of comics.

Through their three collections:

Figures & Vous for the characters and machines, the sculptors deploy all their energy and talent to recreate in three dimensions the emotions born from reading our comics.

Garage Franquin, created in partnership with Editions Dupuis, is a luxurious collection of vehicles, produced in a very limited series. It pays tribute to André Franquin, his heroes and his love of automobiles.

Likewise, Les Cases de Franquin will bring together scenes with several characters drawn by the author.

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