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Figurine Batman by Mike Mignola - Dc Comics - Dc Collectibles
  • Figurine Batman by Mike Mignola - Dc Comics - Dc Collectibles

Batman by Mike Mignola - Dc Collectibles

Ref: B&W-006

Company: DC Collectibles

Sculptor: Jonathan Matthews

Material: Resin

Appearance: Black & White

Height: 19 cm

Year: April 2006

Edition: 5200 

Certificate of authenticity: no

Original price: $54.99 = €43.83

Provenance: From the series “Batman: Black & White Volume 2” at DC Comics

Special feature: There is also a 2nd version with the White base.


History of the Batman

Bruce Wayne, aka Batman, is a fictional superhero belonging to the DC Comics universe. Created by artist Bob Kane and screenwriter Bill Finger, he first appeared in the comic book Detective Comics No. 27 in 1939 - May 1939 as the date on the cover but the actual publication date is March 30, 1939 - under the title name of The Bat-Man. Although it was Superman's success that led to his creation, he detaches himself from this model since he has no superhuman powers. Batman is in fact just a simple human who decided to fight crime after seeing his parents killed by a thief in an alley, Crime Alley, in Gotham City, the city where most of his stories take place. adventures. Despite his reputation as a solitary hero, he knows how to surround himself with allies, like Robin, his butler Alfred Pennyworth or the police commissioner James Gordon.

Manufacturer Dc Collectibles

DC Comics is over 75 years of comics. They are also heroes that everyone knows: Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman in the lead. But Dc is also a huge company which has a division for these derivative products (figurines, collector figurines, dioramas, miniatures, models, etc.). Dc Direct launched in 1998 a few years later, becoming Dc Collectibles in 2012.

After a few years in the design of articulated figurines, Dc Collectibles now offers statues for the most demanding collectors, in resin, hand painted and often limited. They come in different ranges, statuettes, busts of around twenty centimeters, up to thirty centimeters.

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