Chesterfield Figurine - Comic Strip Figurine - Leblon Delienne
  • Chesterfield Figurine - Comic Strip Figurine - Leblon Delienne

Chesterfield - Leblon Delienne

Ref: LTBST02001

Company: Leblon Delienne

Sculptor: Atelier Leblon Delienne

Material: Resin

Appearance: Polychrome

Height: 20 cm

Year: 2010

Edition: 750 

Certificate of authenticity: yes

Original price: €129.00

Featured: Taken from the comic strip Les Tuniques Bleues by Lambil and Cauvin


History of the Blue Tunics

The Blue Tunics are a Belgian humorous comic strip series recounting the adventures of Sergeant Chesterfield and Corporal Blutch, soldiers in the Union Army (of the North) opposed to the Confederate Army (of the South), at era of the Civil War. Beyond the comical situations and characters, this series relates the horrors of war.

Manufacturer Leblon Delienne

Leblon-Delienne has established itself internationally as the reference for collectible resin figurines in the world of para-comics with a “sharp” emotional design. The workshop now develops life-size art statues in its ‘Life Size’ line, produced in limited and numbered series.

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