• Publications

    Census and quotation encyclopedias on figurines

    Which are available in five universes: Franco-Belgian, cinema, comics, video games and manga


    with 5 major themes: Resin Figurine - Metal Figurine - Hergé - Franquin - Uderzo

    Movie theater

    with 5 major themes: Cinema in general - Star Wars - Tolkien - Animation - Superheroes in cinema


    with 2 major themes: Marvel - DC Comics

    Video games & Manga

    Grouped in a single cac3d for the moment

  • English publications

    Census and quotation encyclopedias on figurines

    cac3d Star Wars Universe

    Soon cac3d Hergé & Co (March 2024)

  • Other

    Other publications from cote-a-cas éditions

    - The Games History Collection

    - The “Des Bluettes” Collection

    - The “Studies” Collection

  • Figurines

    Derivative Products, Figurines, New or Refurbished Statuettes 

  • Archives

    Bibliography of old publications

  • Figurines de fabricants

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